Mobilink Foundation provides computer lab facility to KORT

Mobilink Foundation provides computer lab facility to Kashmir Orphans Relief Trust

Mobilink Foundation has partnered with Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust (KORT) to set up a computer lab facility at the KORT managed orphanage in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir.

As a result of this partnership, KORT will be able to provide computer based education to resident children, as well as train its teachersin line with the latest technology curriculum. Mobilink Foundation has provideda total of ten computer systems as well as an integrated communications facility to enable online lessons.

[blockquote cite=”Omar Manzur, Head of Corporate Communications, Mobilink”] Mobilink Foundation is a strong advocate of the role of technology in enhancing the impact of literacy. We hope that our support in the form of the computer lab facility will help KORT make a positive impact on the academic learning of the children in their care [/blockquote] [error] Kashmir Orphans Relief Trust (K.O.R.T) was established after the devastating earthquake that devastatedPakistan and Azad Kashmir in 2005. The Trust currently accommodates close to 200 orphans at its custom made facility in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir. KORT is also building a new educational complex in Jarrikas, Azad Jammu &Kashmir, which will house 1,000 orphans with a total project cost of PKR 150 million.[/error]


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