More Than 25 Million Unverified SIMs Blocked

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has blocked more than 25 million unverified SIM connections.

PTA and Ministry of Information Technology is expected to begin an audit of the unverified SIMs in few days. According to sources inside PTA, these unverified SIMs will not be allotted to anyone else. A helpline for blocked SIMs will stay open for next six months, during that period of time people can also get their mobile phone numbers unblocked by visiting the customer service centres of the operators.

According to Phone World’s reliable sources in the industry, here are the latest stats on SIM verification for all telecom operators:

SIMs verified:
Mobilink: 30.01 Million
Telenor: 28.03 Million
Zong: 23.52 Million
Ufone: 17.87 Million
Warid: 9.31 Million

SIMs Blocked:
Telenor: 8.53 Million
Mobilink: 7.55 Million
Zong: 4.5 Million
Ufone: 3.86 Million
Warid: 1.65 Million

Rizwana Khan

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