Nokia 6.1 Plus Hide Notch Option Removed As Per Google’s Requirement

The Nokia 6.1 Plus which is the global variant of the Nokia X6 was launched in China back in May. Recently, the users have got August Security Update. After the August security update, Nokia 6.1 Plus Hide Notch Option was removed. Moreover, HMD Global unveiled that it was Google’s requirement to remove it.

 August Security Update Removed Nokia 6.1 Plus Hide Notch Option

The Users who weren’t big fans of the notch display screen had the option to fill out the gap with a black strip. The Hide Notch option provided them the illusion of a no notch screen. However, when the option was removed, the users were quite perplexed. Recently, a moderator named Laura responded to one such complaint regarding the hide notch option stating that:

“Unfortunately, we had to remove the notch hide option as per Google requirement.”

This means that Google has decided to not give users the option to switch from ‘default mode’, which was the notch mode, to the ‘full bezel’ mode. On the contrary, HMD Global Chief Product Office Juho Sarvikas said the option will make its way back to the handset.

He tweeted that the company will once again enable the setting to black out notch on the Nokia 6.1 Plus. He has not given any timeline yet. All we can do is wait it out and see how it all unfolds. Until then, Nokia 6.1 Plus users have to stuck with the notch display view.

Furthermore, we all know that the Android 9.0 Pie has native notch support. So, we can all expect that the option of Notch Toggle can be retained once again when the software update arrives for Nokia 6.1 Plus users. We hope users won’t have to wait too long to get their setting back.

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