Now Users Can Post to FB Reels Directly From Third Party Apps: Meta

Meta revealed on Tuesday that it is adding a new capability that will allow users to post videos from third-party apps directly to Facebook Reels.  The company is adding “Sharing to Reels” integration, which will enable developers to make it convenient and simple for people to post videos from their apps directly to Facebook.

Now Users Can Post to FB Reels Directly From Third-Party Apps: Meta

Several of Meta’s partners, including Smule, Vita, and VivaVideo, have already incorporated the “Sharing to Reels” button into their apps.  On Meta’s developer page, developers interested in adding the button to their apps can learn more about how to do so.

According to Facebook, the new feature will help people reach new audiences on the platform and improve its “Sharing to Stories” feature.

In a blog post, Meta’s Director of Product Management,  John McCarthy said,

Once integrated, third-party apps will have a Reels button so people can share short videos, then customize with Reels editing tools like audio, text, effects, captions, and stickers. Instead of downloading their video content and uploading it later, they can now create and share videos seamlessly with one tap of a button.

After a successful introduction in the United States last September, Facebook recently rolled out Reels to the rest of the world. Facebook also added more creative tools and new methods for creators to generate money from their Reels through advertising.

While Reels began as a way to directly compete with TikTok within the Instagram app, Meta quickly expanded to Facebook. Meta said that its Q4 2021 earnings show that Reels is now its “fastest-growing content format by far.” The company added that Reels was the biggest contributor to growth on Instagram and “growing very quickly” on Facebook as well.

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