Now you can Repair Apple iPhone 14 Yourself- Here’s How

Apple has just recently launched iPhone 14 and since then we are getting new details every single day. While the hype about the device remains the same as expected, iFixit, which assesses the reparability of consumer electronics, has announced the big news that can change the overall viewpoint of users regarding the iPhone’s costly repair. Now you can Repair Apple iPhone 14 yourself from the comfort of your home or take help from local repair shops.

Everyone knows that owning an iPhone is yet the best feeling in the world, but God forbid, if it needs repair, it is the most haunting thing to do due to the hustle and finances associated with it. For instance, Apple charges up to $599 to repair the back glass on some models and somewhat less for customers with AppleCare+, Apple’s device insurance program. This thing got worse with the launch of the iPhone 13 since it became nearly impossible for local manufacturers to fix the device.

iPhone 14- The Most easily Repairable device since 2016: iFixit

While people were quite not happy about it, iFixit has announced the iPhone 14 is the most easily repairable device since 2016. While the base model looks the same as its predecessor but some internal redesign has made it much easier to repair cracks in the back glass Even it is easier to be repaired as compared to many Android phones on the market.

In the previous models, the way glass backs were attached made them difficult to replace. It was actually glued to the phone’s frame and buried under other components. It means if someone had to get it repaired, the device had to be almost totally disassembled to fix it which was only possible by Apple’s own stores and local repair shops faced a major setback.

Local manufacturers are going to get business again since, the back glass of the iPhone is held in place by just two screws and one connector, making it easy to remove. It is so easy to replace it that someone can also do it himself.

While telling about the issues faced by people due to costly repair of Apple devices,  iFixit Chief Executive Kyle Wiens said:

“Given the cost of previous repairs “everyone was just living with phones with tape on the back. his gives people a shot at getting them fixed. It also creates opportunities for local repair shops.”

There is also bad news that the flagship iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max still have the same old glued-in glass back which cannot be easily repaired.

Apple has always remained in limelight due to these repair issues since critics are of the opinion that it’s better to discard the old device and buy a new one rather than get it fixed. Apple has slowly started to embrace the repair industry in recent years as part of its environmental sustainability efforts. In 2019, Apple started selling tools, parts, and manuals to independent repair shops. Last year, Apple began offering those items to the general public.

After the pressure faced by the federal government and state legislature, it seems that Apple has slowly started to accept the repair industry. In 2019, Apple sold tools, parts, and manuals to independent repair shops, and last year, apple provided the same to the general public. However, I don’t understand why it has not adopted the same repair approach for pro and pro max models.

Do you know the reason?

let us know in the comments section below.

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