Olympics 2012 with Zong

Zong, a cellular service provider in Pakistan, extends it’s best wishes to Pakistan’s national team for Olympics 2012. Zong published a banner in the support of Green Flag and Green Teams taking part in the London Olympics 2012 Event.

Now enjoy Olympics 2012 with Zong

Zong also recently launched a special initiative for women called Flutter, this deal is designed while keeping in mind the fact that women have different requirements as compared to men and these needs have to be addressed differently,”. Under the umbrella of Flutter, its special initiative for women has decided to support Rabia Ashiq, who was selected to participate in the Olympics 2012 event through wildcard.

Usman Ishaq, Executive Director Commercial of ZONG further elaborates,

“Rabia is an epitome of courage and an excellent example for the world to see that with minimal resources there can still be success stories of women who are willing to dream. Even if the society is not ready to support, a person can change everyone’s perception through their consistent efforts.”

Rabia Ashiq herself has said at several occasions that although she will strive hard for the medals, this opportunity alone is a dream coming true. She also said, “Girls should educate themselves and realize their dreams through hard work and persistence. Nothing is impossible!”

ZONG’s effort is aimed at ensuring that women, who comprise 51% population of Pakistan, are given all the support that they deserve, and to ignite passion and pride among the Olympics 2012 participants.

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