PM Launches 'Pakistan Citizen Portal' to address Public Complaints

Today, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has launched the Pakistan Citizen Portal (PCP) to address public complaints. People can place the complaint through a smartphone app, website, e-mail or Facebook. People can also register the complaints through a toll-free number. Government departments will also hold khuli kecthahris (open courts) to receive people’s complaints. All complaints will be resolved in a given timeframe and a transparent manner to the satisfaction of the complainant.

Pakistan Citizen Portal is a simple tool that allows citizens to register themselves through an app

PCP is a complete complaint redressal system, which is connected with all the government departments. Moreover, the Prime Minister Office will monitor the entire procedure. This is the historic move by the government to make a direct contact with the public.

How does the Pakistan Citizen Portal work?

This portal is a simple tool that allows citizens to register themselves through an app and send their complaints to the concerned government departments.

Moreover, the Prime minister will regularly check the status of complaints.

pakistan citizen portal

You can download the PCP from Google Play store.

Who Can Use this Portal?

Every citizen whether he or she is in Pakistan can register a complaint online through the app. Moreover, those live abroad can also register the complaints.

No doubt, PM has taken a great step towards the betterment of the country and to ensure the equality in rights.

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  • Date: 13/05/2019
    Respectable Prime Minister Of Pakistan Higher Authority.
    Hoping you will be fine dear sir, May possibly I draw your kind attention about the frequent breakdowns of electricity in this locality Sakhi Wahab Town Tando jam sindh and the wonderful inconvenience it causes to the residents! Ours is not really a new locality. It got electricity connections many years back. It appears, even so, that the engineer in -charge from the sub-station has not correctly checked the installations and in-spite from the new wires and energy appliances used, there are failures regarding electricity several times in a day. we residents of sakhi wahab bears huge electricity crisis in our area even pay full amount of charges at particular time Sometimes, the current is turned off for several hours in a very stretch , nowadays in month of Ramdan our transformer get fused from many days the WAPDA authority took transformer but they do not reset again we face very hard problem in this holy month, we residents of sakhi wahab are like to complaint in honor you that you would get rid us from this problem
    The Electricity theft in the region are working to steal electric electric power and, therefore suffer the great loss of business. Students suffer greatly and cannot maintain study.
    I request you, therefore, to see that the power plant and other section at the place is thoroughly checked so that there is no chance of the failure of power supply in future. We are waiting for your kind consideration.
    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,

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