PEMRA to Speed up its Efforts Against Prohibited Indian Channels

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has instructed all regional general managers (RGM) to show no lenience on non-compliance of its laws by television channels, FM radios and cable television operators.

In the 5th Regional General Managers Conference, which was held at Lahore on Tuesday, PEMRA decided to accelerate exertions to restrain the risks of prohibited Indian DTH, illegal TV channels, obscenity and vulgarity from media as well as illegal practices by the cable TV operators.

PEMRA to Speed up its Efforts Against Prohibited Indian Channels

The participants were updated by the PEMRA’s regional general managers on revenue growth and expenditures for the fiscal year 2015-16, status of digitalization of present cable TV operators and implementation methods being carried to reduce the desecration of PEMRA laws.

PEMRA Acting Chairman and Executive Member Kamal Udin Tipu conveyed grave concern on non-compliance to PEMRA laws and authority directives by TV channels, FM radios and cable TV operators. He directed all RGMs to exhibit zero tolerance against the violations.

He also vowed to expedite DTH licensing in larger national interest as the introduction of original Pakistani DTH is the only way to overthrow unlawful propagation of Indian DTH, illegal channels and piracy. He also informed that all efforts would be made to materialize this attempt which would not only open doors of investment and employment in Pakistan but would also aid in evolving and escalating local media industry and performing arts.

All RGMs were also briefed to take severe actions against those non-commercial FM radio operators who would be found airing commercial broadcast in violation of their very mandate. It was directed that the licenses of those FM broadcasters should be administered for termination.

Representatives of cable TV operators of Lahore were also called by PEMRA acting chairman at the meeting, where he noted their complications concerning digitalisation of prevailing cable TV networks and problem confronted by them from many tax departments. Cable operators were guaranteed of all probable assistance on the condition that they would alter their analogue systems to digital by the end of 2015. They were also informed that no cable license would be renewed after expiry if it would not meet the condition of digitalisation in line with International Telecom Union (ITU) obligation.

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