MoITT Finalizes ‘Personal Data Protection Bill’

The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication has finalised the “Personal Data Protection Bill”. The bill aimes to increase users’ confidence, and protect users’ data from any unauthorised access or usage but initially covering individuals, and not business consumers. The Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT) Aminul Haque has confirmed this.

MoITT Finalizes ‘Personal Data Protection Bill’

According to another official statement, a high-level meeting was held under the Federal Minister for IT and Telecommunication. The meeting was attended by Secretary IT Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui and senior officers of the ministry.

MoITT has also confirmed that the Data Protection Bill has entered the final stages. The bill includes points to maintain privacy and economic continuity. He also said that the purpose of the bill is to protect Pakistani consumers and promote economic activities.

The Data Protection Bill includes consultation and suggestions of all the stakeholders. The bill gives primary importance to Consumer as mentioned above. The Data Protection Bill covers fundamental rights including human rights and digital rights.

The minister also added that the draft of Personal Data Protection Bill will be sent to the concerned department soon for legalisation. After the approval of the bill, the data of Pakistani consumers will be safe according to international standards.

Furthermore, the government has also proposed to form a “Data Protection Authority” that will work to curb the misuse of data and protect the personal information of citizens.

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The Personal data protection bill proposes up to Rs25 million fine for those who process or cause to be processed, disseminate or disclose personal data and sensitive data in violation of any of the provisions of the proposed legislation.

The proposed legislation will govern the collection, processing, use and disclosure of personal data and to establish and make provisions about offences relating to the violation of the right to data privacy of individuals by collecting, obtaining or processing of personal data by any means.

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