PM Housing Scheme – How to Apply? Basic Requirements

Prime Minister Imran Khan has recently Launched PM Housing Scheme, a Programme to Build 5 Million Affordable Houses. This is a very good initiative if the government would be successful in implementing it. No doubt, this government has brilliant ideas however time will tell if these ideas will be successfully transformed into reality. A few days back, Government has Launched a website to Track PM’s 100 days agenda. This initiative appears to be a great move because it would promote transparency of the workings of the government.

Pm Housing Scheme – How to Apply?

NADRA has issued the registration form for new Initiative by PM Imran Khan i.e; Naya Pakistan Housing Programme. Right now the registration is initiated in the seven districts in collaboration with NADRA with an aim to collect data for the housing needs of people.
The first phase of PM housing programme will focus on starting the project in the seven districts that are Sukkur, Quetta, Gilgit, Muzaffarabad, Swat, Islamabad and Faisalabad.

How to apply for Pm Housing Scheme

The people who want to apply for Naya Pakistan Housing scheme can avail the facility of online form and download from NADRA official website. The form can be submitted within two months i.e; from October 22 to December 21. The applicant will have to pay the registration fee of Rs. 250 at the designated district offices.
Pm Housing Scheme - How to Apply? Basic Requirements
Download the registration form for Naya Pakistan Housing Program, click Here.

The eligibility criteria for Naya Pakistan Housing Programme

Only a single person from the family can apply for Naya Pakistan Housing Program be it husband, wife or children. More preference will be given to applicants who do not have an independent resident in Pakistan.

Basic Requirements for PM’s Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

The aim of this Naya Pakistan scheme is to make homes for common man whose basic salary is between Rs10,000-25,000 a month. The applicant will deposit PKR 250 per-form along with this registration form.
Depending on the data collected from these forms other housing specification such as design price and the site will be decided for the applicants.

The aim behind the Flagship Project-Naya Pakistan Housing Programme:

This government flagship project, Naya Pakistan Housing Program was inaugurated by Prime Minister Imran Khan. The basic aim behind this program is to ensure 50 lac houses for underprivileged and less salaried classes for the next five years of govt. tenure.

According to the Prime Minister if this program would be successfully implemented it will for sure boost Pakistan’s economy and will also create plenty of job opportunities.
The government will provide the land required for the project and will act as a facilitator to address all the problems witnessed during the overall process. In order to make it easy for citizens of Pakistan, one window facilitation centres will be made for the proper execution of the project.

Where to Submit PM housing scheme application form:

Application forms of PM housing scheme can be submitted in these offices of the districts:
SUKKUR: DC Office, Sukkur
QUETTANADRA Registration Center, adjacent Helper Eye Hospital, Sariab Road Quetta
GILGIT : DC Office, Gilgit
MUZAFFARABAD: DC Office old secretariat, Muzaffarabad
SWAT: DC Office, District Court, Mengura Swat
ISLAMABAD: NADRA Mega Center, Blue Area Islamabad

FAISALABAD: DC Office Faisalabad

According to Imran Khan, this new PM housing scheme is the most ambitious and landmark housing policy ever. In a tweet a day after the inauguration, the Imran Khan said:

“We have launched our most ambitious, landmark housing policy of building 5mn homes in 5 yrs. InshaAllah this will provide affordable houses for our less privileged strata of society, plus 6mn jobs, create demand in 40 industries directly involved in house building & attract FDI.”

So what are you waiting for? Go and Apply for it!

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