PTA Allows you to Report Spam calls/messages & Block Telemarketing Communication- Steps

PTA wants you to report spam to get rid of it. In order to inform users about this notice, PTA is sending messages to users, asking them to report Spam messages and calls to PTA.


No More Spam Calls and Messages- Thanks to PTA

Below mentioned are the steps to block spam calls and messages and blocking and unblocking of Telemarketing communication.

How to Report Spam SMS and Calls:

If you are getting some spammy messages and you want to get rid of it, you need to follow a simple procedure. You need to type sender’s mobile number space received the message and send it to 9000. Furthermore, PTA asks people to use block feature in your mobile for swift action.

One other message received by me was related to blocking all telemarketing communications. It is the most wanted feature as people are quite annoyed by too many calls and messages by telemarketing companies.

How to Block Telemarketing Communication:

To block telemarketing communication, register your number on Do Not Call Register (DNCR). For this, you need to type “reg” from your mobile number and send it to 3627.
Later on, if you want to allow these companies to message you, you need to type “unreg” and send it to 3627.

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