PTA Restored all Social Media Websites in Pakistan

PTA Restored all Social Media Websites in Pakistan. Due to the current situation of Pakistan, all major social media sites were blocked on Saturday. Users were not able to watch any site including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube this weekend. Out of utter surprise WhatsApp was working on both days.

PTA Restored all Social Media Websites in Pakistan

Finally government of Pakistan decided to restore the access to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in Pakistan. At the morning these site could be accessed by some people however many people couldn’t access them. PTA revealed that the social media site are now open to everyone.

PTA Spokesperson said:

If everything goes well, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube should be back with-in next couple of hours

On Saturday Government of Pakistan blocked Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Daily motion to hinder the access to the current situation in Pakistan. It was decided that these sites and media reporters will be blocked till law and order situation is restored in Pakistan.

However yesterday when PM and Army Chief met to discuss the situation in Pakistan, It was decided that blocking all social media sites and media channels is not a solution.

PTA told that blocking and restoring of social media site was ordered by Government of Pakistan. PTA implemented the government’s directives.

As people can’t stay away from social media, many started using VPN to access Facebook and YouTube. Many people whatsApp their friends VPN to overpass the blockade.

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