PTCL & Linkdotnet to Deploy WLL in 1900 MHz & 3.5 GHz in AJ&K and GB

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) auctioned spectrum on 29th December, 2015 for Wireless Local Loop (WLL) Services to PTCL and LinkDotNet for Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJ&K) and Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) regions and successfully generated Rs. 108.48 million in total.

The auction allotted WLL spectrum to PTCL for all offered regions which include Mirpur, Muzaffarabad and Gilgit Baltistan, while LinkDotNet got spectrum for Mirpur region in 3.5MHz band. It is also imprtant to note that only PTCL and LinkDotNet had applied for WLL spectrum auction. All lots were auctioned at base price, while 2 lots in 3.5MHz for Mirpur region were auctioned to both PTCL and LinkDotNet for Rs. 10 million each; its base price was Rs. 7.97 Million.

PTCL & Linkdotnet to Deploy WLL in 1900 MHz & 3.5 GHz in AJ&K and GB

Auction Details:

    • 2 x 5MHz from 1900MHz:
      • TR-I Mirpur: Rs. 55.80 Million
      • TR-2 Muzaffarabad: Rs. 11.96 Million
      • TR-3 Northen Areas: Rs. 7.97 Million
    • 30MHz from 3.5GHz
      • TR-I Mirpur: Rs. 7.97 Million
      • TR-2 Muzaffarabad: Rs. 3.18 Million
      • TR-3 Northen Areas: Rs. 3.18 Million
  • LinkDotNet had applied for 3.5Mhz in Mirpur region only

PTA Chairman Dr Syed Islamil Shah, said on this occasion that:

“This auction is aimed at improvement of telecom services for the people of AJ&K and GB. The successful operators will be able to offer new wireless services. It’s a win-win situation for everyone as it will ensure more revenue for government, more business for operators and better services for consumers of the far-off regions. This will have positive cumulative effect on the economies of these regions.”

He also added that:

“PTA has suggested to the government to set up handset assembly plants and data centers in AJ&K and GB as natural climate in these areas is very favourable for such businesses.”

At the end Chairman congratulated the successful bidders and thanked AJ&K and GB councils, MoIT, FAB and telecom operators for their cooperation in conducting this successful auction.

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