Q-Insight Retail Traning Program By CACF & Phone World

Q-Insight Retail Traning Program By CACF & Phone World

The more you know and understand about smartphones, the more confidence you’ll have in pointing out features, comparing products, and providing the expert advice that makes the sale and develops satisfied, loyal customer.

[blockquote align=”right”] Training was conducted in Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Lahore in which more than 300 Retailers were trained and awarded Q-insight Retail Training Certificates. Retailers participated with great fire and zeal in the trainings and award ceremony and appreciated such initiatives.

Central Asian Cellular Forum and Phone World team conducted a Q-insight Retail training program to improve and enhance the selling skills of retailers on “Smart on Smartphones” which provides an extensive overview of the smartphone category. The Retailers learnt about the growth and impact of smartphones on society, the elements of a smartphone, the Operating Systems and how the processor influences the performance of the smartphone. This training also shared insights on how to find the right smartphone for your customer.

[blockquote cite=”Riaz Butt, President Al Khidmat Group Hafeez Centre Lahore”] Q-insight Training on Smartphones will increase retailer’s knowledge and they will be able to sell more, we welcome CACF & Phone World team and demand such trainings in future too
[/blockquote] https://www.phoneworld.com.pk/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/training-pic.jpg

“We really feel equipped today to sell smartphones as our retailers were not so aware of the technologies used in Smartphones, for retailers Q-insight training is a blessing”

Smartphones are increasing day by day and so is the competition. The more you train and teach the retailers the more they will be able to sell and differentiate between the features, Q-insight retail initiative is one of its kind of Initiatives for the retailers. More training session are being planned in all major cities of Pakistan in the coming months. For contact and more information on these training programs please write to
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