Ramazan is a Prime Time for Facebook in the Middle East

The technology has reshaped the holy month of Ramzan. Do you want to know how? A recent data shows that in the Middle East, almost 58 million people are spending more hours on Facebook and YouTube during Ramzan. They watch dramas, recipes, sports, and dramas. We can say that in the Middle East, the holy month of Ramzan is a prime time for fasting as well as for Facebooking.

During Ramzan, the business of Facebook boosts in the Middle East, as people are more active on Instagram, Google, and Youtube. These platforms are owned by Facebook.

Ramazan is a Prime Time for Facebook in the Middle East

Facebook’s managing director for Mideast and North Africa, Ramez Shehadi said:

“Consumption and time spent on our platforms do indeed increase, Our revenue is a function of people’s engagement. The more that they engage on our platforms, the more that advertisers want to be able to reach those that are engaging. That’s what drives our revenue.”

According to Google, in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, the increase in viewing of sports videos is 22%, while the increase in viewership of travel videos is 30%, and action games, simulation and video games increase up to10-20% during Ramzan.

During the first week of Ramazan in Egypt, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, the top searches of people were for Game of Thrones, prayer times, Ramazan TV shows, movie timings, and English Premier League results.

The holy month of Ramzan is not only to avoid food and drink but its the month to disconnect us from worldly things. Surprisingly, Muslims are getting more active on social platforms in Ramzan.

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