Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2018) will be Company’s First Snapdragon 710 Powered Handset

Samsung is getting ready to announce the Galaxy A9 Pro. We are expecting to see this new handset soon in our palm. Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro will come with the world’s first quadruple-camera setup on the rear. However, this is not all.

According to one tipster, in addition to boasting Samsung’s first quadruple-camera setup, the upcoming Galaxy A9 Pro may also come with Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 710. It will be the first Samsung-branded smartphone to ship with Snapdragon 710.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro will Come with Snapdragon 710

There are no details about the design of Galaxy A9 Pro as no official renders have leaked yet. However, sources have suggest that Samsung is planning a design similar to Galaxy A9 Star. So we can expect a rectangular vertical camera setup in the top-left corner of the rear. Moreover, we can also expect a square-shaped sensor on the rear if let’s suppose Samsung skip the in-display fingerprint scanner in this upcoming device. According to the sources, the front of the Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro will resemble most other Galaxy devices.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro is expected to announce on October 11. It is will be amazing to see that Samsung market is offering a slightly cheaper alternative of Huawei’s upcoming Mate 20. Moreover, the flagship device will come with three rear sensors.

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