Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Pen to Come with Bluetooth Connectivity

The most awaited flagship device of Samsung, Note 9, is reportedly under development. We are just one month away from the official unveiling of Samsung Galaxy Note 9.  We have already seen many rumours about the specs of the phone. One of the biggest change seen in the iconic Galaxy Note 9 is in the S-Pen stylus i.e; Bluetooth. This was spotted by Droid Life in the FCC filing of Note 9. While telling about Bluetooth connectivity of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Pen Droid Life said that:

FCC filing confirms that S-pen of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will have Bluetooth functionality. According to many tech-savvy,  Samsung will be using it as a multi-purpose Bluetooth button.

Galaxy Note 9 Pen Hits FCC, Confirming Bluetooth

It means this button will be used to carry on a function like a start and stop timers, control music, take photos and can also answer and hang up on calls.

The S Pen is, obviously, going to be the main focus of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 in contrast to its photography spin for the Galaxy S9.

This Bluetooth feature will also be helpful in finding a pen in case you lose it. Till August, we will be getting S-pen new capabilities. Till that time, it’s exciting to know how Samsung is bringing such minor changes to the accessories.

Presuming Samsung hasn’t changed it practice, the colour of the S Pen always matches the colour of the handset. So when a list of the colour codes for the S Pen surfaces, we can pretty much expect the Galaxy Note 9 to come in those colours as well. SamMobile lists the S Pen codes with their colours, revealing five colour possibilities:

1. EJ-PN960BBEGWW: Black
2. EJ-PN960BJEGWW: Gray
3. EJ-PN960BVEGWW: Violet / Purple
4. EJ-PN960BLEGWW: Blue
5. EJ-PN960BAEGWW: Brown

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