Samsung Galaxy S10 Color Variants Revealed

Usually, Samsung Smartphones come in multiple colours variants so we were expecting that Galaxy S10 will also come with different color variants. Galaxy S10 series were reported to come in five color versions: black, white, silver/grey, green, and pink. Now we have got more information regarding Samsung Galaxy S10 color variants revealing a slightly different color palette.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Color Variants- Six Color options available

@OnLeaks  revealed that Samsung Galaxy S10 final color range will include more than six color options i.e; black, grey, blue, red, green, and yellow. Right now we cannot expect how these colors will look like but green is totally a new color. Maybe the green version of Galaxy S10 would be same as emerald green of Galaxy S6 edge.
Galaxy S9 also came in Six Colors that were black, grey, blue, red, purple, and gold so we can expect that galaxy s10 will also come in various colours.
Samsung’s new flagship series, the Galaxy S10 series, is expected to be introduced in Q1 2019. Many leaks and rumours about the series have already been swirling around. Reportedly, Samsung Galaxy S10 With 5G Support will also make its way to the market in the first quarter of 2019. Recently, a report by GF Securities brokerage showed up. It unveiled the evolution of RAM amounts in popular smartphones from this season and the upcoming ones. According to this report, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Model will feature up to 12GB RAM.

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