Samsung Launches Chromebook Pro with a New Backlit Keyboard Version

Samsung is fixing its Chromebook Pro and made it even better by releasing a new model of the computer that is virtually identical. Now Samsung has launched Chromebook Pro with a New Backlit Keyboard Version. Chromebook Pro that Samsung launched last year offered attractive features such as a rotating touchscreen display and a built-in stylus but it lacked backlight for the keyboard.


Now Samsung has brought a version of the Chromebook Pro with a backlit keyboard, and it seems that the company has put up the this new version of the Chromebook Pro up for sale on its website. Backlit keyboard version is no doubt useful feature for helping to see that which keys are where, when working at night or in a dim light.

Samsung Chromebook Pro with a New Backlit Keyboard Version has Arrived

The new spin on the Chromebook Pro has the same core spec as we found in older version. You will still find a Core m3 processor plus 4GB of system memory and 32GB of storage, but with the only change is the keyboard.

The price of the new Chromebook Pro with backlit keyboard is same as the non-backlit version, that is $599.99 (around £420, AU$770). This new model is on sale over in the US right now.

This new model has stunning 12.3-inch 2,400 x 1,600-resolution display and Gorilla Glass 3 protection, an Intel Core M3 processor that goes up to 2.2GHz, 4GB of RAM, 32GB eMMC storage, a 720p camera, two USB Type-C ports, and a 39 Wh battery. It comes with stereo speakers and can run Android apps from the Play Store.

It is expecting that soon this new version will be available in other international market.

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