Samsung Messages Bug Silently Share Your Gallery Contents With Your Contacts

Users of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S9 and S9+ are facing a serious issue. Recently some users have complained about Samsung Messages Bug that some photos from their Gallery have been sent to their contacts without their permission.

Samsung Messages Bug Shares Your Photos With Your Contacts without Your Permission

One User on Reddit said that:

“A Galaxy S9 user in a separate Reddit thread highlights that the record of the gallery being sent through the buggy Samsung Messages app was found on the carrier logs. “Last night, around 2:30am, my phone sent her [girlfriend] my entire photo gallery over text, but there was no record of it on my Messages app. However, there was [a] record of it on T-Mobile logs”

Those users, who are using the latest version of the Samsung Messages app, are seem to affect . So many complaints regarding this bug have been observed by Reddit. This problem does not seem to be device specific or network specific. The specific reason of this bug has not been identified yet. However, according to Reddit, disabling storage permissions for the Samsung Messages app seems to be the workaround.

The steps to disable the storage permissions for the Samsung Messages app are quite easy and simple. You have to go to Settings > Apps > Samsung Messages > Permissions > Storage, and change it.

Those users who don’t have the latest update can turn off the auto update feature of the app from the Settings in Galaxy Apps.

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