Snapchat Adds Friendship Profiles

Snapchat is going to introduce new Friendship Profiles. The purpose of the latest update is to bring existing users closer together. This new feature will celebrate the user’s relationships with their dear friends. It will dig up some of the highlights of the conversations shared between users and their friends. SnapChat is also working to roll out new Bitmoji-centric features, that include Bitmoji Stories and custom Bitmoji merchandise.

Snapchat Gets Friendship Profiles

Snapchat Adds Friendship Profiles

Friendship Profiles will surface Chat messages, photos, videos, and other content or anything that you and your friends have saved in your conversations. The memories will be shown privately and can be reached by tapping on your friends’ Bitmoji. Friendship Profiles has started rolling out yesterday. This new feature will be available to users globally in the coming weeks.

Other than the Friendship Profiles, Snapchat is also going to roll out some new Bitmoji content. First is Bitmoji Stories, that are comic book-style tales which will star the user’s Bitmoji and feature appearances from their dear ones. The stories will start to pop up on November 14th in the Discover feed. Soon it will come with some new content , most probably the next several weeks. For the time being, they will be available only to English speakers.

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