Sony A7S III Lets You Record 16-bit RAW Video with In-Body Stabilization

Sony has finally introduced a premier low-light and video consumer camera for photography lovers. The company has launched the much-hyped and incredibly anticipated A7S III right after five years of its predecessor’s launch.

In 2014, the company launched the A7S series with the S standing for sensitivity. The original A7S and the A7S II were offering low-light performance with their 12MP full-frame sensors. The new A7S III is coming with the video aspect that everyone wants. The camera offers an improved low light and dynamic range.

Sony A7S III Lets You Record 16-bit RAW Video with In-Body Stabilization

The Sony A7S III is backed by a new 12MP backside-illuminated EXMOR R CMOS full-frame sensor. To make the camera good in low-light, it comes with a combination of the relatively low resolution and relatively large sensor size. You will also get to experience the new BIONZ XR image processor, with 8x more processing power as compared to the A7S II.

The camera enables you to shoot a fairly modest 10fps in burst mode with a large buffet that you can shoot up to 1000 consecutive uncompressed RAW images with full AF/AE tracking. in addition to that, the A7S III is also able to shoot images in the HEIF format with a wide dynamic range (HLG) and 10-bit gradation.

The price of the A7S III is $3500 for the body-only and will be on sale in September.

The company has revamped its entire UI in the A7S III. The new layout uses a vertical tab design. The UI is completely based on the touch system. So now, you can use the touchscreen to select and scroll through the menu.

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