Spotify Launches Serving Interactive Ads for Podcast Listeners

Spotify has made a big investment in podcasts and now it is trying to recover its investment through ads. Following this, from this week, users who would be listening to podcasts will get interactive ads that Spotify names as CTA cards.

As explained by the company, the CTA cards are explained as:

“the latest step in Spotify’s vision for the future of audio as an interactive, multi-way experience.”

According to the streaming app, the ads will show up in the Spotify app when podcasts will start playing. Other than this, it will also appear when users would be exploring Spotify app in the feed. The company challenges that it is the only app that makes it easier for users to directly discover the products and services their interested in without remembering promo code or vanity URL.

Interactive Ads will make Users Experience Better

These cards will make it easier for users for having a good experience and will save a lot of time making app usage enjoyable for users.

Before launching it, Spotify has tested these features several times and claims that advisers with clickable ads will witness twice as many site visits compared to non-clickable podcast ads.

CTA cards will not be available to all users instead only Spotify Original & Exclusive podcasts users would be able to enjoy this feature.

If you are lucky users who have received this feature, let us know in the comments section below.

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