Stop Sharing Your Earbuds!

Are you sharing your earbuds with your friends to listen your favorite song or borrow it from your co-worker? If you are doing so, then stop it! You must be bewildered that why I am saying this. Let me explain that to you. Insides of our ears, a earwax is preset, which protects and prevents infections. This earwax is produced by our body naturally. That wax contains bacteria which is pretty harmless.

Stop Sharing Your Earbuds!

However, earphones trap the bacteria or any germs on the earphones in the warm and dark area of the inner ear. In case, these bacteria become too numerous then it can lead to infections. Sharing earbuds can produce new bacteria into your ears and doubles the microbial flora in our ears.

Well, it is to be noted that bacteria in the earwax is harmless but there are chances that the odds can happen that include the risk of developing middle ear infections and fungus. Moreover, swimmer’s ear (an infection in the outer ear canal that is running from your eardrum to the outside of your head) does increase when you do share your earbuds with friends. Furthermore, If there is a cut in the ear canal then sharing the earbuds can also cause a skin infection.

Precautionary Measure:

It is better to avoid sharing your earbuds with your friends. In case it is very urgent or need to share then it is best to disinfect the earbuds first by applying disinfecting spray or with rubbing alcohol. You can also use a dampened cotton ball in order to remove any waxy residue or any bacteria hiding there.

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