SWVL Guide Pakistan – FAQs, Tutorials, Routes And More

The ride-hailing services have come as a blessing for us. No one can deny that they have made our lives easier and now we don’t have to miss any event due to non-availability of cars. One should also agree with me that these app booking services have facilitated the female gender of Pakistan in the best possible way which previously had to wait for the male member of the family on weekends to take them to someplace. Anyway, coming back to the bloom of this cab booking services, initially Careem and Uber made their way to Pakistan. Though they had to witness certain issues at the start but due to their nature of providing convenience to people of Pakistan, people wholeheartedly welcomed them. If you were looking for SWVL guide Pakistan, you have come to the right place as this blog focuses on each and every minor detail regarding the service.

SWVL Guide Pakistan- Here are All the Details that you Need to Know

The only issue we have with these services is that they are a little costly, and not everyone can afford their rides. Well, in such circumstance and understanding the underprivileged market of Pakistan, SWVL made its way to the country while promoting economic travelling services in all the major cities of Pakistan. The company is also introducing SWVL promo codes that make it more economical to be used.

What is SWVL Pakistan?

SWVL is an app-based bud hailing service that originated from Egypt and now headquartered in Dubai. Understanding the local market of Pakistan, SWVL announced its plans to spread its services to Pakistan. Initially, it started its operations in Lahore, and after its success, they opted for Islamabad and Rawalpindi as their third prime destination for providing services.

The company plans to expand its services in Karachi and other major cities as well. The best thing about SWVl is that it provides economic travelling and people just have to pay Rs. 20 to reach their destination. 

All user need to do is to order the bus by using the SWVL App. It has some dedicated stops, and the traveller has to reach there in order to be picked. Unlike Careem and Uber, it drops people from stop to stop. 

How SWVL App works:

SWVL app Pakistan, is very user-friendly, and people can easily book a ride. However, here are some basic steps that will further ease the overall procedure for you:

Downloading Swvl App and Setting up an Account:

  • Download the SWVL app from Play store
  • Enter your phone number, email address and Passwords
  • You will get a four-digit authentication code on your number, enter it 
  • Here you go!

Furthermore, there are three basic steps based on which SWVL works:

  • Book your trip. Tell them where you are going, and they will find the perfect ride


  • Walk to their station where their captains will be waiting for you.

  • Arrive on your drop off station on time with less money.

 How much does SWVL cost?

SVWL is very cost-effective. It doesn’t matter whether you have to drop off on the nearest stop or the last stop, in either way you only have to pay PKR 20. SWVL charges are quite nominal and it can be maid by lower middle class families as well.

How to Register?

Registering an account is quite easy. The App will ask you the following details:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Id
  • Password

It will send you an authentication code on your number, on entering the four-digit code, you will be registered.

 How to Use SWVL App?

In order to use SWVL app, you need to download it from Play Store

  • Open Play store
  • Enter SWVL in the search window
  • Click on the App
  • Tap on Install
  • Now use the App without any inconvenience 

SWVL Guide Pakistan – FAQs, Tutorials, Routes And More

The walking person in the above picture shows that the stop is at a walking distance whereas car symbol notifies that you need to travel to stop on the car as it is far away.

 How to Book an SWVL Ride?

Booking a ride is quite easy. You need to follow these steps:

  • Open App
  • Turn on the GPS
  • The App will Automatically trace your location
  • Add where you want to go


  • It will provide you with the multiple routes from your location to the destination

  • On selecting any one route, it will give you the time on which the bus will arrive at your nearest stop

  • Select Time

  • Go to the stop on time
  • Take a Ride
  • Pay Rs. 20 at the end

Does SWVL Work on Weekends?

Yes, SWVl provides us with the best services on weekends too; however, fewer buses are available on weekends as compared to the weekdays.

How to Become a Driver on SWVL?

It is a great service for those who want to generate some money. To become a driver on SWVL, open its official website by clicking here. 

  • Click on become a Driver
  • A window will pop up asking you about the commander information
  • Enter your name, phone number and car number
  • Click in Submit

Be beocming SWVL driver, one cna eaisly alot good amount of money,

Our Journey with SWVL:

So before writing a blog, I requested my colleague to take a ride from his hope to the office so that we can further simplify it for our readers. Here’s what he told us about the ride

“The ride was well on time and very comfortable. During the Journey, SWVL notified with each and every stop on the way via their App. The gentry using the service was quite presentable, and their staff is quite helpful. The App even notified me that my drop off station was coming, which is quite helpful for especially for people who do not have the know-how of the places.

While I booked the ride on 9:45 from G-11, the estimated time to reach F-7 was 10:11. And yes they were quite right as I reached F-7 at 10:10, exactly on time. The overall experience was too good, and as the App asked for rating at the end, I gave it five stars.”

Step 1: Ride Booking

Step 2: Get the Estimated Time:

Step 3: Ride Tracking:

SWVL Guide Pakistan – FAQs, Tutorials, Routes And More

Step 4: Bus Arrival:

Step 5: Notifications on way

SWVL Guide Pakistan – FAQs, Tutorials, Routes And More

Step 6: Rating


SWVL Guide Pakistan – FAQs, Tutorials, Routes And More




Swvl is a bus service which can be booked via an app. The basic goal of this service is to transform the Pakistani public transportation saga, assisting people in enjoying the trip with limited resources of time, space and money. Being sustainable, it curtails the trouble of having to drive and waste money on a daily basis through the nerve-wracking traffic. Swvl is helping you arrive at your destination in just Rs. 20 is remarkable. Furthermore one can also see SWVL bus routes from the app. SWVL customers service is available 24/7, so if you have any query, it can be easily checked. 

Are you still confused? Take a ride and let us know your experience!

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