Through customer-centric innovation, Daraz expands its ecosystem to offer a variety of digital solutions to customers

Customer-centricity has remained a guiding principle at Daraz, the leading ecommerce platform in the country. Over the past few months, thishas meant creating solutions for customers that eliminate the need for them to step out of their houses. In doing so, Daraz has expanded its ecosystem in order to meet customers needs and propel the wave of digitization.

In June, the platform launched Daraz First Games (DFG) – an immersive and engaging new platform that offers customers a range of gaming titles. Three months earlier, the country had witnessed a rise in COVID19 cases and had entered a government-ordered lockdown which restricted movement and called for social distancing. Homebound millions have since come to rely on digital solutions and DFG met the need of the hour by offering not just a solution of entertainment but also a means through which users could remain connected with their friends over tournaments.

More recently, the platform launched dBills – expanding its ecosystem even further and offering customers a channel that simplifies a day-to-day task to a three-step process. The primary challenge with the design of the dBills channel – which allows customers to pay their utility bills through Daraz – was to ensure that those who are unaccustomed to digital methods are still able to use the channel seamlessly. The user interface has been created to ensure a smooth journey from log in to bill payment.

dBills effectively removes the need for customers to step out of their houses to pay their utility bills. dTravel – a channel that was also launched earlier this year – accomplishes the same by serving as a one-stop solution for inter-city bus travelers in Pakistan, enabling customers to browse routes, timings and prices from different bus from the comfort of their own homes.

dTravel promises to transform the travel landscape of Pakistan as Daraz plans to expand the channel further overtime. Along with DFG and dBills, dtravel is a mark of the customer-centric innovation that has remained the paramount driving force at the leading ecommerce platform in the country.

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