TikTok, Jack of digital initiates ‘The Creators Academy’ in Pakistan

TikTok mission behind ‘The Creators Academy’ is to develop the skills and abilities of content producers and help them find higher quality resources to create original content and ideas.

A one-day pilot program for ‘The Creators Academy’ was recently conducted at the Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi, according to a press release by Jack Digital, in which more than 50 ambitious young content-creators were taught by various successful industry professionals and trainers to recognize the potential and methods of producing effective content for social media.

“The Creators Academy is a forum that teaches content creators on how to produce content that is meaningful and innovative. To create authentic material, young people must be empowered and educated”, Said CEO Jack of Digital.

The workshop was split into four meetings. Habibullah Khan-Founder, Penumbra Digital and Advisor, National Incubation Center, Karachi, conducted the first session. Participants assessed their strengths, limitations and preferences in the workshop, before choosing their subjects and a genre for their speech.

The workshop centered around each participant creating a perfect video throughout the day. In addition, the participants first received professional coaching and innovative tips on each phase of the process so that they can apply what they have learned.

Since many social media outlets like Tiktok have evolved to allow truly global outreach. It is important to encourage and train skilled people from all over the world to create high quality content to generate revenue by adding value to society with their creativity skills.

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