Tinder to Expand its In-App Video Chat Feature Internationally

Tinder has finally decided to expand its In-app video chat feature universally for all its loyal users. After testing the new functionality in many countries, the famous dating app is now launching its face-to-face worldwide feature.

The latest feature allows users to video call each other through the Application itself. Now the users can video call its partners without relying on third-party video calling services. Moreover, the video calling feature will only work when both the partners have selected it.

Tinder to Expand its In-App Video Chat Feature Internationally

Tinder knows well about the dating service’s creepy side, and that’s why the company told the reporters that it’s not our video team who have worked on this feature, but our Trust and Safety team has made this feature.

The head of Trust and Safety product at Tinder, Mr. Rory Kozoll, said:

“We’re excited to share that our Face to Face feature is rolling out to our global community after receiving positive feedback from our members who have had early access to it,” He added, “This adds to our growing list of features built focused on member safety throughout their dating journey, like Photo Verification, Safety Center and our offensive message detection technology.”

As per reports, Tinder’s face-to-face functionality is introduced to all the cities across the UK and US, along with Australia, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Vietnam, Thailand, France, Peru and Chile, Indonesia, Taiwan, and all exact timeline for reaching other technology markets has not been revealed yet.

To use this new feature, you have to navigate to the match’s messages and then tap on the video icon located on your screen’s top. By sliding the toggle to the right side will unlock the face to face feature. After both the partners have unlocked the feature, you will see a confirmation message in the Application. After this, you have to tap the video call button, and you will get a live video preview, then you can tap on call.

Besides this, if you want to end the call, then press the Red End button. If a match calls you and you do not want to accept the call, you can easily decline it or let it ring. The match will be automatically notified that you are not available.

Tinder’s new feature’s purpose is to make dating from home easier. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people cannot meet each other, so this app makes it easier for them to closely know each other.

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