Top 5 best Infinix Smartphones in the year 2019

Infinix has positioned itself as a premium smartphone brand and managed to grab the
attention of smartphone consumers through its high quality, feature rich phones with beyond
belief budgeted price. For Infinix, the year 2019 remained one of the most remarkable years
to date, as the brand successfully captured a big share in smartphone sales. With successful
mobile launches, the overwhelming response from the customers and impressive sale records
Infinix has wrapped up the year on the positive note. Some of the worth mentioning best
Infinix mobiles in the year 2019 is, Smart 3 Plus, S 4, Hot 8, Smart 4 and S5/S5 lite.
Infinix Smart 3 Plus, with its launch, receives overwhelming response from consumers.
Smart 3 Plus created a stir in the market and achieved record-breaking sale of more than
300,000 units. The handset is equipped with a waterdrop notch display screen, triple rear
camera set up with 8MP selfie shooter and 3500 mAH big battery. It is available in soothing
hues of Midnight Black and Sapphire cyan.

Top 5 best Infinix Smartphones in the year 2019

Top 5 best Infinix Smartphones in the year 2019

Another amazing Infinix model is S4, this smartphone impressed its users with a high
definition camera, lower power consumption, a screen size of 6.2 inches, a rear fingerprint
scanner, and a display resolution of 720 x 1520 pixels, all packed in an eye-catching choice
of colors.

Hot 8 is a brilliant Infinix model, which sold like hot cakes in 2019 and it is still in demand.
With the upgraded battery of 5000mAH, Hot 8 provides unlimited entertainment all day long,
from movie streaming and music to clicking pictures for up to 4 days, without the need of a
recharge. The lower power consumption and rapid recharging capacity it has made our lives

After the overwhelming response and success of Infinix smartphones, the brand was
compelled to introduce another amazing product, i.e. Infinix Smart 4.This model is equipped
with a big 6.6" HD+ Waterdrop notch display which provides a cinema-quality experience.
To relieve its users from power drainage and haunting low battery, Smart 4 comes with an
intelligent battery management system that keeps a check on battery consumption. Infinix
Smart 4 also supports voice over internet calls as well as direct line calls thanks to powerful
faster signal reception. All of these features and many more are packed in Infinix Smart4,
beyond belief budgeted price and quality.

Infinix did not stop here, rather the brand surprises its consumers once again with S5/S5 lite.
This Infinix model is equipped with a punch-hole display, 64 GB built-in storage, 4 GB
RAM, 6.6-inch display screen,4000 mAH, high-quality front and back camera, all packed in

beyond the belief budgeted price.
In 2019, Infinix bagged many achievements with the success of its above-mentioned hit
models. The core strength of Infinix lies in its consumer-centric, cutting edge products,
bringing features phones at pocket-friendly price.

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