Top 5 tools for Creating Animation with HTML5

What is HTML5?

HTML, in its simplest terms, is the language that allows us to view the web pages we visit online. After writing the code, it is saved as an HTML file and is viewable through an Internet browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If the code is written correctly, we are able to see the perfect version of what the owner of the site wants us to see. However, if written incorrectly, a multitude of things can appear wrong and there may even be a problem accessing the page.

HTML’s latest version is the HTML5. This version increases our pre-existing sets of properties and elements, thus allowing us a more diverse variety of design and interaction. What’s interesting is that HTML5 supports mobile web devices it has gained popularity rather quickly and is now supported by the majority of the browsers.

HTML5 tools for creating animation

The top 5 tools for creating animation, in my opinion for using HTML5 are


If you are looking for easy to use and handle software to make remarkable and innovative banners online then Bannersnack is surely your thing. It is one of the best HTML5 animation tools that allow you to lay your hands on it for free! It works for almost everywhere platform and allows you to export your finished file in 7 major options such as: HTML5, Flash/SWF, MP4, PNG, JPEG, GIF and Flash/HTML5 embed. This awfully amazing software allows users to transform their ideas onto creative and easy to make banner ads within minutes with its ultra-friendly and supportive features.


With an aim to let everyone create professional HTML5 Animation for FREE without using affluent and refined software, this application is user-friendly for both amateurs and professionals. It works everywhere: Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, Android and other platforms. What makes this application stand out among the rest is its attribute of being self-sufficient. You aren’t dependent on Photoshop or any other such software in order to develop the animations your mind is conjuring up. It creates amazing animations on its own with perfect transitions. Without a worry for restrictions, plug-ins, this be the go-to app for us all.


Only recently, have they come up with their 6.0 release. The major amendment they have introduced in the new version is the document source selection has now been made asynchronous, that is they won’t be moving or working at the same time now. It’s basically a JavaScript and CSS archive that you can use to work with your HTML animations. This very application is thus also rightly called the HTML5 Video Player. It also comes with a drawn-out range of customization that you can agree/disagree with. In addition to HTML5, it also supports Flash, YouTube and Vimeo etc. Workable on all major mobile and desktops, this application satisfies all your video coursing needs.

Edge Animate CC:

When you think of a HTML5 animation, that allows free trial too, Edge Animate CC comes to mind. It doesn’t only allow users to make interactive and digital animations, but also enables to reach both mobile and desktop browsers with easiness. You get to control of your designs and animations with this tool through its user-friendly interface. Edge Animate CC also provides seamless support for HTML5 video. Edge Animate CC produces codes utilizing HTML5 and JavaScript with the CSS prepared in. So amateur designers and developers who do not have much experience in coding, can benefit from this amazing plus point. It’s flexible, easy to use, with built-in custom folder options to save your all media items including images and scripts.

Tumult Hype 3.6:

Now you can create and publish great content under the platform of HTML5. Users can make an interactive yet professional looking animation which works directly on desktops, laptops, smartphones and Ipads. Users won’t require any technical coding. HTML5 powers the cutting edge web and takes into consideration the animations and completed work to be shown on everything from desktops to iPhones. Tumult Hype yields best in class HTML5, CSS3 styles, and JavaScript.

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