Twitter and Facebook Show Vigilance in the US Election Anticipation

The leading social networking sites: Facebook and Twitter, had adapted for new responsibilities in the current political scenario. The companies announced rules in order to handle the unofficial claims of premature US electoral results. They faced tests over this rule too, as they flagged a few of President Trump’s comments on the vote that remained too close to call.

Twitter and Facebook Show Vigilance in the US Election Anticipation

Over the notion of labeling it as potentially misleading, Twitter restricted the users ability to share the post of the US President that accused a party of “trying to STEAL the election”. Facebook also came across in the same regard and labeled their reservations to the post as final results to be different from the initial vote count, having noted that the ballot counting continues for days/weeks. Whereas a Twitter spokesman stated that they are not placing a warning on Trump’s Tweet due to its vague language and unclear victory claim.

A Facebook spokesman, following a Facebook post clearly mentioning that no winner has been announced, said that the company had started applying automatic labels to both leading candidates’ posts with the information. This result awaiting post was then running top-of-feed notification on Facebook and Instagram.

President Donald Trump had previously falsely claimed in a speech that he is already the winner of the election with millions of votes still uncounted. Joe Biden, his rival leading candidate was confident of his win as he said that the results will appear as the states complete the vote count over a span of hours, or even days.

Though Trump had again declared his triumph and just a few votes being tallied was keeping the news unannounced, the laws ultimately do require all votes to be counted before confirming the new executive of the state. Facebook came with a label proclaiming that the count will continue for a while, whereas Twitter did not attach a warning to this feed posted by the campaign and retweeted by President himself.

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