Twitter Offers Open Choice Forum after Panama Paper Revelation

No doubt the recent Panama Papers has aroused the temperature of world as well as the Pakistani politics. The Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif after its leak is facing critical questions about his spectacular wealth. In this controversial situation the interesting thing to observe is the role of twitter to tackle the clash between the PMLN party member and the nation.

Twitter Offers Open Choice Forum after Panama Paper Revelation

With the Panama Papers, anchors and news casters got the new subject to get views and rating by interviewing the PMLN party members. By throwing the tough questions on the political persons of the party the news channel ARY faced boycott from the PMLN members. The members interdicted the channel and did not show their presences during the prime time when many analysts and other political party members were discussing the issue.

In this entire scenario, twitter provided an open choice forum in which users openly supported the freedom of media by trending “PakistanStandsWithARY”. In 140 characters “Pakistani twitteraties” expressed their solidarity for the channel. The PM Nawaz recent address claiming to make an inquiry commission again charged the matter.

It is unknown that how the Panama Paper revelation will effect the political situation. But one thing is sure that the twitter will surely remain the most relevant to express the personal stance on the matter.

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