Uber will Ban Passengers with Low Ratings

Everyone knows that Uber drivers can be ranked and based on their ranking the bonuses are decided. However, upon getting extremely bad rankings from different customers, the driver is banned from Uber’s platform as per the company’s policy. However, let’s accept that Uber drivers also have a challenging job of bearing different bad attitude customers. In order to facilitate Uber drivers, the company will not kick off Uber passengers who keep on getting below five-star rating.

Presently this feature is rolled out in  Australia, New Zealand, India, U.S., and Canada and soon will land in Pakistan too. So now you need to think twice while using the online taxi service. This is a good initiative as the same treatment is provided to both drivers and passengers. This move will eradicate many other security issues as well.

Uber Passengers will have to improve their Behaviour or Wave GoodBye to Ride Hailing Service

In order to see where you stand in Uber’s App as a rider, you can check your current rating. For doing so open the uber app and tap on the left side menu on the top of the screen. You will see your star rating just below your name. In this way, you will be able to improve your ratings as well,

This five-star rating for riders is implemented in order to throw people out with poor behaviors. In this way now passengers will think twice before using abusive language with the driver.

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