Ufone Launches New TVC on Super Minutes

Ufone has launched a new TVC on Super minutes revolving around customer convenience. The Ad has focused on the functional attributes of Super Minutes. TThe new TVC has introduced Ufone’s new brand ambassador, Humaira Anjum whose life is made simpler because of Super Mintues.

Ufone plans to advertise the convenience that Super minutes offers by introducing Humaira Anjum. Super minutes is the key to stay carefree throughout the week which is very similar to the business model she runs; making food and selling it in tiffins to those who don’t have the time for it.

Ufone Launches New TVC on Super Minutes

Here is the TVC on Super Minutes:

Humaira learned early on in life that taking on responsibilities can be challenging. Her mother passed away when she was only four and being the eldest sister in the house, she quickly took up responsibilities around the house, juggling between her education and home chores. Only in eighth grade, she quit her education and got married and life changed for her yet again.

Ever since she was an infant, she had been particularly passionate about cooking, specially after her mother’s demise when it almost became a routine for her to prepare food for her family. Having learned to enjoy the little pleasures of life; when difficult times encircled the family, Humaira once again decided to take things in her hands and started her own food business which has now become fairly renowned- ‘Dastarkhuwan’.

The mother of three children and one grandchild, Humaira has managed to do well for herself and her family having educated her children and being there for them while working full-time with her food business which has received exceptional response in the market. She has a set up a food place- ‘Food Factory’ in Executive Towers, Clifton, Karachi where she spends the majority chunk of her time, feeding people her home-made scrumptious food that is a delight for all. She materialized her love for cooking and feeding people and built something for her despite the various step backs she faced in life.

She has a set up a food place- ‘Food Factory’ in Executive Towers, Clifton, Karachi

It is people like her and stories like these that make you realize how holding onto the smallest of things in life even when everything else seems too hard can help you find your way. Circumstances never change and there will always be one thing or another, it is up to us how we as individuals find solutions and learn to make the best of what time has to offer.

Humaira Anjum has been taken on board by Ufone as its brand ambassador and is part of the company’s latest ad campaign regarding Super Minutes. She is also a key highlight of the bloggers’ meet-up held on Friday, April 21, 2017.

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