Ufone Launches Prepaid & Postpaid 3G Tariffs

Ufone Launches Prepaid & Postpaid 3G Tariffs

After the launch and FREE trail of 3G, customers are super-excited about the affordable packages by Ufone. Ufone has introduced ideal solution for every oneĀ of its customers because Ufone Launches Prepaid & Postpaid 3G Tariffs.

Ufone 3G Packages (Prepaid)

There are 17 different Ufone 3G Packages available for prepaid customers. Default 3G package on all prepaid customers will be PayG 3G Package

Ufone 3G Packages (Postpaid)

Ufone 3G Packages for postpaid customers also come in various speeds and configurations. The max speed available with Ufone postpaid 3G Package is at 3Mbps with monthly limit of 3GB and it costs Rs. 1200 per month.

Basic PAYG or default Ufone 3G Package for postpaid customers is same as of prepaid, i.e. Rs. 20 MB for first MB then 19MB would be free of charge.

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