Here is How to Know the Name of Unknown Callers on Jazz

If you are tired of getting calls from unknown numbers, but it is compulsory to receive the calls, then this service is surely for you. Now Jazz users can know the name of unknown callers through this service. With Jazz Caller Name service, users can identify the name of the callers before answering the incoming call via flash SMS even if the caller’s name is not saved in the contact list.

Here is How to Know the Name of Unknown Callers on Jazz

How to Activate the Service?

  • Dial *7773# OR Send “SUB” to 7773 to activate the service.

How to De-Activate the Service?

  • Dial *7773*5# OR Send “UNSUB” to 7773

Price Plans:

  • Prepaid:Rs.1.25+Tax /Day
  • Postpaid: Rs.35+Tax /Month

Terms and Conditions:

  • This service is available for Jazz and warid Prepaid and Postpaid customers
  • Data used to display name is not from Jazz or warid customer database
  • Based on the handset type, behavior of the flash message display can vary
  • Data is not sourced from any Jazz or warid database
  • Service does not take data/contact information from user’s address book
  • No information will be displayed on flash, in case incoming caller’s name is not available in the database
  • Jazz is not using any information provided by customer at any stage to display name of any customer
  • By subscribing to Jazz Caller Name service user understands and allows that the service will search for the relevant numbers in the crowd sourced database and Jazz shall not assume any liability for any error, inaccuracies or non-availability of certain information.
  • Results are on best effort basis; all names may not be displayed on these services.
  • In case if an incoming caller is not identified (not available in the crowdsourced database) no flash message will be displayed.

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