Viber Introduces AI-powered Chat Summarizer to Beat WhatsApp and Telegram

Viber, a widely used messaging app, has recently introduced an innovative feature that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to provide users with concise summaries of unread messages in group chats. Viber developed this new AI-powered chat summarizer in collaboration with OpenAI. It aims to streamline communication by extracting essential information from up to 100 unread messages, thereby saving users valuable time.

The AI summaries generated by Viber offer clear and organized bullet-point overviews, highlighting key decisions, tasks, and important discussion threads within the group chat. This functionality is particularly beneficial in various scenarios, such as parents managing their children’s busy schedules, groups of friends coordinating events, or travel companions finalizing trip details.

Viber Introduces AI-powered Chat Summarizer to Beat WhatsApp and Telegram

Using the feature is straightforward: upon entering a group chat with unread messages, users are prompted with the option to request an AI-generated summary. Viber places a strong emphasis on user privacy throughout the development of this feature. The AI-generated summaries are visible only to the user who requests them and do not include any personally identifiable information beyond usernames. Additionally, Viber assures users that conversations and summaries are not accessed, stored, or retained on its servers, ensuring a secure and confidential experience.

The AI summarizer is currently available to Viber users on both iOS and Android platforms in select regions, including the US, the Philippines, Ukraine, Japan, Bulgaria, and Poland. Furthermore, Viber offers extensive language support, covering over 50 languages, with plans to expand availability to more countries in the near future.

Viber developed this new AI-powered chat summarizer in collaboration with OpenAI.

Viber’s implementation of this innovative feature signifies a potential evolution in messaging apps. While third-party tools utilizing ChatGPT APIs already exist to provide similar chat summarization capabilities for some apps, Viber’s direct integration promises a seamless user experience. Competitors such as WhatsApp and Telegram will likely take note of this development, potentially leading to widespread adoption of similar features across the industry.

However, the potential of AI summaries doesn’t stop at unread messages. Imagine the possibilities if we could summarize discussions from specific periods, such as the last few hours or even older conversations. The ability to revisit key points from past discussions could prove invaluable in various contexts, further enhancing the utility of messaging apps powered by AI technology.

In conclusion, Viber’s introduction of the AI-powered chat summarizer represents a significant step forward in enhancing communication efficiency within group chats. With its focus on user privacy and convenience, this feature has the potential to redefine how users interact with messaging apps, paving the way for further innovation in the field of AI-driven communication tools.

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