vivo X80 Series Launches as Early as Feb 2022

Normally a brand releases a new model at a gap of at least a year. This is the norm for almost all the product categories. But in the recent times the mobile industry has become soo competitive that some brands are releasing more than a single product in a span of less than a year. vivo company, is also following the suit and has a new X80 series, ready to launch as early as Feb 2022.

The vivo X80 series is rumored to be equipped with Dimensity 2000 chipset, with a 120Hz refresh rate. An AMOLED display. In the camera compartment, it will be having a triple camera with 50MP sensor with 5-axis stabilization, while another one would be a 12MP telephoto camera. Another rumor regarding the camera is that the selfie camera will be an under-display front camera.

From the past history of the vivo company launch pattern, it is predicted that the initial landing of the vivo X80 series will be as early as 2022 February in India. The launching country preference is due to the demographics i.e. for smartphones of entry level or mid-range, India is considered a priority market. If the smartphone is a pioneer for the upcoming smartphones then the China will be the priority.

All these news are all from sources though they are reliable sources but still not from the company, so these news are to be taken with caution.

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