Warid Introduces Twitter SMS Service

Warid Twitter is a real-time information network powered by people all around the world that lets you share and discover what is happening now. Twitter asks “what’s happening” and makes the answer spread across the globe to millions, immediately. Simply search for the public streams that interest you and follow their updates! Twitter SMS allows Warid users to receive all notifications and tweets directly on their mobile phones.

Warid Introduces Twitter SMS Service for Twitter Users

Twitter has recently joined with Warid to let its customers to be able to use Twitter via SMS, while Warid users – after integrating their mobile devices with Twitter accounts – can perform all necessary tasks to operate their Twitter accounts via text messages.

Twitter SMS is available in both English and Urdu languages


In order to use Warid Twitter SMS service, you must register for a Twitter Account online by visiting twitter.com

• Send START to 40404 to begin using the service.
• Reply to the SMS with your Twitter Username and Password.
• Confirm your information by replying with ‘OK’.
• After confirming your information, any SMS sent to 40404 will become a Tweet that is sent to your followers.
• All Tweets can be viewed when you visit your account online.

Every SMS sent to Twitter SMS short code 40404 will be charged Re.1+tax.

SMS Commands
You can perform certain actions, like following a Twitter user or marking a friend’s update as a favorite, by using the designated Twitter commands:

ON: turns ALL authorized Twitter updates and notifications on.
• OFF: turns ALL phone notifications off.
• ON [username]: turns on notifications for a specific person on your phone. Example: ON ali
• OFF [username]: turns off notifications for a specific person on your phone. Example: OFF bilal
• FOLLOW [username]: allows you to start following a specific user, as well as receive SMS notifications.
Example: FOLLOW junaid, or f junaid, for short.
• UNFOLLOW [username]: allows you to stop following a specific user.
• LEAVE [username]: this command allows you to stop receiving SMS notifications for a specific user without having to unfollow them. When you log into twitter.com from the web you will still see this user’s updates in your timeline. Example: LEAVE ayesha, or l ayesha, for short.
• STOP, QUIT, END, CANCEL or UNSUBSCRIBE: will deactivate your account if you are an SMS-only user. If you completed the sign-up flow on the web, sending any of these commands to your Twitter short code will simply remove your phone number from your Twitter account.

For more commands visit:

SMS commands: http://help.twitter.com/entries/14020–‐the–‐official–‐twitter–‐text–‐commands

FAQs about SMS: http://help.twitter.com/entries/14014–‐twitter–‐phone–‐faq

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