Xiaomi and Smartlink Technologies: Perfect Duo!

Xiaomi is a leading global brand, it’s known for phenomenal quality and up to the mark after sale services. Con-temporarily, Xiaomi is the 4th largest brand in the world and among the fastest triumphing companies in the world. Pakistan is the 6th largest market for technology on the globe and it’s the fact of gratification for Xiaomi to work in emerging markets like Pakistan. In this voyage, Xiaomi has allied itself with Pakistan’s one of the leading technology distributor Smartlink Technologies. Xiaomi distributor is working tremendously promoting the brand in Pakistan.

Xiaomi Distributor- Smartlink Technologies


The duo has shown tremendous zealousness in every ground. The extravagant services have made a match in heaven for this duo. Smartlink Technologies is the only official and recognized partner of Xiaomi in Pakistan with maximum exclusive store in all over the major cities of Pakistan.

Web store:

Smartlink Technologies and Xiaomi are making its mark through extremely subtle and effective web store in Pakistan Mistore.pk.

Smartlink Technologies is helping Xiaomi to provide excellent after sale services through its customer centres located nationwide and tremendous shopping experience through Mi exclusive stores located in major cities of Pakistan.

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