Yahoo Launches Mail Go App for Entry-Level Smartphones

On Tuesday, yahoo announced two major updates to Yahoo Mail for mobile. These updates include a revamped mobile Web interface and the new Yahoo Mail Go app. The mobile Web version of the mailing received new features, a customizable design, infinite scrolling, and quick actions.

On the other hand, the Yahoo Mail Go app gets lesser RAM and storage space on smartphone compared to its traditional counterpart.

Yahoo Launches Mail Go App for Entry-Level Smartphones

The latest Yahoo Mail mobile Web interface comes with shortcuts which lets you to swipe right to mark as read and swipe left to delete the email. The mobile Web version has also a new sidebar with folders to organize email types. Moreover, the latest version has been upgraded to use new color themes with light and dark themes, auto-suggest while creating a new email, and infinite scrolling without a click on the Next button.

Yahoo Launches Mail Go App for Entry-Level Smartphones

You can take actions such as delete, forward, and reply right from the toolbar in an email.

To make enable the entry-level smartphones to use the Yahoo Mail app, the new Yahoo Mail Go has been optimized to run on Android Oreo (Go edition) handsets with 1GB of RAM or less. The app will use about 50MB of the phone’s RAM.

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