Now Send and Receive Google Play Apps Using Nearby Share on Android

Google also introduced the option to use Surrounding Android handsets apps to share with nearby Android handsets. This feature was announced for select Android phones in August and is essentially Google’s version of Apple’s popular AirDrop feature. Initially, It allowed users only to transfer files, images, and videos and receive them. Now, the option to send and receive applications is being introduced. In December, this latest additional feature was revealed and then set to introduced a few weeks ago. Google has recently started the Nearby Share, app sharing features for Android devices.

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Now Send and Receive Google Play Apps Using Nearby Share

Nearby Share

Nearby Share, now helps users to share Google Play applications without data or Wi-Fi access to people around everyone with an Android phone. To use this innovation, go to Google Play, open the hamburger menu and pick My Apps and Games on your Android phone. In addition to other options, including updates, Installed and Library, you can see a new Share tab. When you press on the Share tab, a new message appears, “Now you are able to send and receive applications via Google Play with anyone nearby. No access to the Internet required.”

Nearby Share

Press Send if you want to send apps to a nearby user. Press Receive if you want to receive applications from anyone near you. You can pick several apps and give them one go at a time while you send them. On a Samsung Galaxy Note 20, this feature is confirmed. It should roll out on all Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above devices.

Furthermore, a feature that allows users to easily share their Wi-Fi passwords remotely with nearby users, is currently developing by Google. Google’s Nearby Share is intended to be started and it will debut on Android 12. The feature is probably forwarded to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) for a future release.

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