4 Ways to Tell if You are Talking to AI Bot

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming so common in our daily lives. Robots/machines are taking over our world as we are becoming so dependent on them. It seems that AI bot is now an important part of our lifestyle. So, our encounters with them are somewhat voluntary. AI prefers to automate different tasks that we wish, like the streaming suggestions.

However, another approach to AI is infiltrating our lives that we’re typically unaware of; Conversational AI. As of now, there are a few techniques that should show the reality if you’re interacting with a bot.

Keep an Eye Out for Clumsy Phrases

Even the most advanced conversational AI has problems dealing with language’s strange complexity and paradoxes. Because English is more of a compilation of stolen words and contradicting grammatical rules spoken in a fantastical style that deals with logic. It’s exceptionally tough for anyone to master AI struggles just as much as humans. While AI can typically provide decent results, there are often noticeable confusing words or weird substitutions.

Take Note of the Bot Response Time

The quickness with which they respond is another indicator. Bots can typically respond far faster than people, whether in a conversation or over the phone. You’re either talking to a bot or the most skilled customer service professional if your conversations are responding promptly.


Pay Attention to Bot Ambiguity

When bots don’t comprehend, they’re often trained to deliver imprecise, useless responses, replicating what you just said. And, in return, give a false impression that they are listening. This is a tried and true method. It is regularly used by the “chatbot therapist” ELIZA, which was created in the 1960s. “Why are you sad?” she asks if you speak, “I’m sad.” It’s just a simple algorithm, yet it gives the impression of sentience.

Make a “Crazy Ivan” Move

You can use a test if you suspect you’re interacting with a bot but aren’t sure. In the film The Hunt for Red October, the submarine captain is infamous for pulling “Crazy Ivans” while traveling underwater, turning his ship unexpectedly to see if a hostile sub is hidden in his wake. This type of unexpected action might also cause an AI to malfunction.

While conversational AI has advanced to the point where it can be impossible to determine you’re not speaking to a human after a brief engagement, bots still have one big flaw: trouble with non-sequiturs.

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