5 Technology Trends Transforming Health Care Sector in 2020

Every sector of our life is transforming and getting digital day by day. Be it IT, Pharmacy, or health care; there are some technology trends that have modified all the sectors of our life. In the health care sector, digital transformation has played an active role as it has not only increased people’s lives but also has helped them to lead a better and healthier lifestyle. The new digital transformations in the health care sector have gifted people with a decade more than people who had no such facilities. Now diseases are not only easily detected but also cured. The age has increased as well, previously a few people could reach the age of 65, but now it is an average age.

Health Care Sector is Transforming- Thanks to Digital Trends 2019

Below mentioned are the top digital transformations in the health care sector:

Telemedicine :

This trend/ technology confirms that geography doesn’t matter. Telemedicine is the incorporation of telecommunication equipment in the health care sector for diagnosing diseases remotely. Telemedicine has not only cut the cost of doctor checkups but is also helpful for people living in rural areas where there are not medical centres or if there are some, they are far away from houses.

Artificial intelligence in the Health care sector:

AI has played a significant role in the medical world and has abruptly improved the health sector. AI has a vast use in body scans. CAT scans are now enhanced and are 150 times faster than manual radiology. The technology can detect an acute neurological event in just 1.2 seconds.


It is a new concept but has transformed all the sectors of Pakistan. The technology has streamlined medical documents, which means that doctors and patients can see their medical history.

AR and VR: 

The bloom of AR and VR has played a significant role in medical and health care sector. The technology is helping many patients recover especially those who have dementia. Even the VR handsets are used to make the delivery easy when women feel as if they are in some other world and forget the pain.

Wearables and IoT:

Wearable health devices are very famous nowadays. They can not only make you feel better, diagnose every bit of your disease but also collects data that is used that is users to restrict comprehensive health pandemics globally. Moreover, these devices are also used to fight obesity. Healthcare industries have been spending massively in technology for years. Soon they will receive high ROIs.

Health Care Sector- Bottom Line:

The sector has seen major bloom, thanks to the digital interventions. The technology in this sector is doing social good to everyone i.e; there is nothing better than saving people lives.

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