AI-Generated Tennis Matches are Impressive

A team of researchers from Stanford has presented an AI that can generate tennis matches. The model has weak graphics but can be used to analyze sports matches or training.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, one of the most famous international tennis tournaments- Wimbledon was not held in 2020 and that’s why the scientists from the United States decided to simulate this annual competition with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). The team trained the AI ​​using a database with annotated records. People were amazed to see such simulated matches.

AI-Generated Tennis Matches are Impressive

The statistical model was created with the help of the cyclical nature of the matches that predicts how stars like Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer would play in certain situations. The model knows that Djokovic hits the ball usually towards the weak side of the opponent and it also determines how certain players position themselves on the field. The model takes into account the strategies and playstyle of each player.

The model knows the playing style of each player as AI ​​has been trained in thousands of tennis matches. The researchers’ team said that it is the behavioral aspect that separates them from their counterparts, which can also simulate the game of tennis.

People around the globe appreciated AI-generated Tennis Matches for viewers. The model is capable of creating endless “what if” scenarios as it can predict what action will happen next. The latest system is able to simulate a match that cannot actually take place. The system is also allowing you to control the position of the player during the serves, so the model can be used for training athletes.

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