Amazon Stops Selling Non-Essential Items In These Areas

The only possible protection against the novel coronavirus is to remain at home, contributing to an unparalleled effects on both the economy and logistics. With many people confined to their homes, it’s no wonder Amazon is facing an explosion of orders, many of which include vital goods such as grocery stores, health and kitchen items, infant products and more.

Amazon says as part of its attempts to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, it has temporarily stopped receiving orders on such non-essential goods on its sites in Italy and France. As customers use e-commerce to support their efforts at social distance, it has also enforced social distance guidance in distribution centers to keep employees safe and healthy;

Customers in the affected regions that continue to purchase non-essential goods from third party vendors not using Amazon’s shipping logistics, but the organization advises they will also have to wait longer than normal for their orders. However, some non-essential Amazon products themselves or from any third party vendors that use Amazon’s shipping infrastructure can not be ordered at all right now.

Fatal Outbreak in Italy

At least five employees have tested positive for coronavirus at Amazon warehouses in Europe, Bloomberg reported. Staff at an Italian Amazon warehouse went on strike on March 17th to protest what they saw as the company’s insufficient action to protect them from infection.

Nayab Khan

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