Apple Shows No Interest in Purchasing TikTok

The US tech giant Apple has cleared its stance that it’s not interested in buying TikTok, despite an Axios report that named the firm as a potential buyer for the popular video platform. The company told the sources that there are no discussions at present to purchase TikTok and the company has no such plans for the future.

Apple Shows No Interest in Purchasing TikTok

Recently, another US company Microsoft agreed that it was in talks to purchase TikTok’s operations in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, as told by President Trump. There has been ignited consideration about other potential buyers for the social video platform in the days since.

Axios also told that there was vital private equity interest in the purchase, and Microsoft has maintained that it would be accessible to minority investors as part of the deal.

Such kind of a deal would be unprecedented for Apple, which has been vocally criticizing targeted advertising, a practice which at the core of TikTok’s business.

At the same time, Microsoft has tried several times to roll out competitors to Facebook and YouTube. According to some analysts, TikTok acquisition would provide the company with strong foothold it needs in social networking. It can even take Microsoft to the new heights of success and the company can become a potential competitor to other social networks.

However, on the other hand, Apple has no interest reportedly in buying TikTok as the company hates targeted advertisements and it doesn’t need a social platform to secure its business like other potential buyers of TikTok.

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