Apple to Launch 3nm Chips for Third Gen M1 Processors, Sources Claim

The Silicon Valley giant Apple’s recently launched M1 processors have been lauded by many tech experts around the globe. After rolling out the M1 and M1 Pro chips based on the 5nm technology, it seems that the company is now moving to the newer 3nm technology. According to a source, Apple will be moving towards the 3nm chip for its second and third-generation M-series processors over the next couple of years.

Apple to Launch 3nm Chips for Third Gen M1 Processors, Sources Claim

A report from 9to5mac claims that Apple will compete with the likes of AMD Ryzen Threadripper and Intel Xeon processors in the workstation division with its higher core-count CPUs in around two years. Though, we might already see a second-gen M-series processor next year.

This 2nd gen M-series chipset is said to be based on an improved TSMC N5 node, meaning it could either be N5P, N4, or N4P nodes. Going to one of these nodes would translate into a trivial performance bump and higher efficiency, but nothing revolutionary. However, the report further suggests that the company might be developing an MCM (multi-chip module) design for its new chipsets.

As for the 3rd gen M-series chips, a rumor suggests that it may be based on TSMC’s N3 node, thus moving towards a whole different process, implying that we might see a notable increase in transistor count. In addition to that, the report also claims this generation will feature three chips codenamed Ibiza, Lobos, and Palma with up to 40x CPU cores distributed by four dies.

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