Limofied, Australian Taxi-hailing Service Arrives in Pakistan

It seems like competition between Uber snd Careem is going to be very tough because their new rival is launching in Pakistan. Limofied, Australian Taxi-hailing Service starts its services in Pakistan. Just as other ride-hailing service, passengers have to make a request for ride through an app. Limofied will officially Start its services in Lahore on December 17.

Limofied, Australian Taxi-hailing Service Arrives in Pakistan

This new service will allow its passengers to use their smartphones to submit a ride request. The app will send their request to the closest Limofied drivers. These drivers then will provide transportation services to them.

Starting its service from Lahore, it will launch its services in other cities of Pakistan as well. Currently Limofied is providing its services in major cities of Australia and many European cities too. Now Australian Taxi-hailing Service is going to provide its services in Pakistan. However, no fare details have been announced yet.

The company will also provide an exclusive service to its female passengers by providing them female drivers. Those male or female drivers who want to join the Limofied family can apply now. Here is how they can apply:

  1. Download Driver Application
  2. Enter you Personal Details and Your Pic
  3. Enter Your Car Details and your Car Pic
  4. Upload Your Documents

Once the document will checked the account will be created in 7 days. Drivers can download the driver App from here

Surely, Limofied in Pakistan will give a tough competition to, already working major ride-hailing service, Careem and Uber. Both these services have launched in major cities of Pakistan and gaining popularity day by day. Both these companies have also launched Rickshaw services also. But Careem has not officially launched its Rickshaw services in Pakistan. Recently Careem has also launched female drivers in Pakistan. Limofied has also launched female drivers for female passengers. Let’s see whether Limofied will take on its rivals or not.

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