Careem Acquires Delivery Chacha & Moves into Delivery Service

Careem Acquires Delivery Chacha & Moves into Delivery Service. Careem, the leading ride-hailing company in Pakistan has recently made an announcement. The company has acquired Delivery Chacha, which is Karachi based an on demand service. Careem keep on opening different projects time to time in order to expand its business.

Careem Acquires Delivery Chacha & Moves into Delivery Service

Delivery Chacha brings your order to your doorstep if you are in Karachi. It is confirmed that the founder of the company Nashit Iqbal is moving to Careem. Delivery Chacha was founded in 2014 and claims to have completed half a million delivery orders. It includes food deliveries, bill payments, cinema tickets, grocery shopping, clothes to the tailors and dropping off wedding cards to guests.

Nashit  Iqbal said:

“The vision for DC and Careem is similar I believe — empowering our customers — and we both have enjoyed taking risks to do so”

So we are getting green signals from this move that Careem is now going to get into delivery business as well. For this purpose the company is going to use its Bike service, which is launched recently. Careem has made a big name in industry since its inception but it  will also get benefits from Delivery Chacha’s background to run its new delivery business.

It has observed that Careem loves to do experiments and get into different fields just like it launched Rishta Autni campaign loved by youngsters. Unlike Uber that is only focusing in its core area of expertise, Careem wants to bring something new other than its own expertise. The company is reportedly working on range of things. Now in the city, the delivery service could be one of them.

The acquisition price and details have not been disclosed yet. But the collaboration of Careem and Delivery Chacha will be quite interesting. From normal pick and drop service the company will now offer the services of delivery. And will bring your order on your doorstep.

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